The Bund Project

Linelle Stepto and Catherine Lane

The Bund Project is co-collaborators Linelle Stepto and Catherine Lane. Drawn together by shared interests and geographical places of habitation, Stepto and Lane have collaborated on various artworks and projects since 2011.

Linelle Stepto is a visual artist who uses mixed media to create contemporary artworks exploring the animal:human interface. Stepto swings between Sydney where she is completing a Masters in Contemporary Art at SCA and Ocean Shores on the far north coast of NSW where she immerses herself in studies of the natural world adjacent to (and within) the urban environment.


In 2013, the pair undertook an artist’ residency at Haefliger’s Cottage in Hill End, courtesy of the Bathurst Regional Gallery. Both artists have colonial roots in the old gold mining district, particularly Linelle, whose colonial family residence has now been turned into a museum. During this time, they generated ideas on site, energized by the location and the history of place. The intense and intimate nature of living and working together concentrated ideas which continue to incubate and inform the collaboration in an on-going way.

Their latest collaboration ‘The Cartographer, 2019’ was exhibited in Still:The National Still Life Award at the Coffs Harbor Regional Gallery.

The Cartographer, 2019. Mixed media installation 2mh x 45cmd x 90cmw
The Cartographer, 2019. Mixed media installation. Colonial red cedar table, roo skin perforated with muslin dyed with introduced hawthorn berries, taxidermied Indian Mynah birds, rabbit and grey squirrel, faux Japonaise porcelain vase, faux dutch whale oil lamp, papier mache world globe, Australian native flowers made from rabbit fur and cane toad skin, ink well, parchment.